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Our Trading Partners

Strategic Partners Global Trade is an associated company of Simon & Partners PTY Ltd, which has been created to invest in cryptocurrency solely. We have partnered ourselves with selected traders who have been dealing with cryptocurrencies for over 4 years. Our experts monitor the cryptocurrency market around the clock to give us the required information on the movements and developments of the cryptocurrency market.
The market volume of the cryptocurrency market ranges from 10 to 15 billion $(EUR) per day which is equal to the New York Stock Exchange.
Our analysts are monitoring the complete market, which includes more than 2100 different cryptocurrencies, to give the best advantage for your portfolio to expand.

Responsibility, transparency, honesty and respect in all relationships with customers, investors and shareholders

1. With entrepreneurial vision, identify and create business with high potential growth.
2. Minimizing risk through comprehensive analysis, management assessment, and local market knowledge.
3. Build strong relationships with clients and shareholders, based on ethics, transparency and mutual trust. 

Strategic Partners Global Trade cryptocurrency program:
At Strategic Partners Global Trade we offer 3 time based investment programs in order to best suit your investment goals.

3 months

1.75 %
  • monthly interest

6 months 

2.0 %
  • monthly interest

12 months

2.5 %
  • monthly interest

Guarantee: At Strategic Partners Global Trading your investment is guaranteed by a backup asset fund of more than $20 million USD. You will be issued a promissory note verified by our LLP.

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Naramsin Simon

Presidents Message

Strategic Partners Global Trade has a new division that is built on the same values and commitment that has allowed our team to earn the trust of their peers for decades.
Our industry experts with countless years of experience consist of specialists in multiple financial fields, all to provide the best possible expertise for our investments to succeed.
Simon & Partners PTY Ltd was established in 1999 and is an SEC registered company. Simon & Partners PTY Ltd has been involved with strategic investments, financial transactions, banking instruments, gold trading, portfolio management and global analysis of international markets.
We have established a very strong client base worldwide resulting in over $1.2 Billion USD in transactions. We will continue with our proven investment strategies which have and will continue to profit our investors and build future connections.

Mr. Simon
Founder and President


Mr. Simon

President Simon & Partners

Darin Mckamal

VP Strategic Partners Global

Robert Langer

Chief Strategy Officer (CSO)

Chris Weisdorf

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Jennifer Kuthe

Executive Director

Rasmus Jensen

Executive Sales Canada 

Josther Martins

Executive Sales Brazil

Marcos Cavalcante

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)